June 2008

Fujitsu Life Book

Fujitsu Life Book My employer recently purchased a Fujitsu Life Book laptop for me so I can work from my home. I have to say that after three weeks, I am in love with this machine. Not only have I yet to encounter a single problem, but I now find it hard to believe that at one time (one short month ago!) I was attempting to work with my old...ahem....I'll leave names out. Sleek, lightweight, portable, and fast = a very good buy. And although I did not purchase this machine myself, I have it on good authority that this is incredibly affordable. Best of all, we purchased this machine online through costco, and it was here in all it's glory in 2 days! Great service!

Shopping experience review: sofa from CB2

After much procrastination, I recently took the plunge and began my search for a sofa that would somehow fit my apartment's rather unique dimensions while still managing to seat 3, look great, and feel comfortable. After being less than impressed with what I was finding in local stores, I decided to expand my search online. I have to confess that although I love shopping online, I had some doubts about buying furniture without physically seeing the piece. Nonetheless, I quickly found the perfect couch at CB2.com. Again, I was a little worried about making such a big purchase without seeing exactly what I was getting, but I took a chance, and I am very pleased with the results.