Young Explorers Sale

Where do you get award-winning toys?

Normally I don't get excited for sales unless they're at least 30% off or a BOGO offer, but when it comes to really quality items, I will totally take 15% off. That's the sale that Young Explorers is offering right now and I'm tempted to stock up on items for my toddler niece! My teen is too old for many of the items for sale, but my niece would love the Electronic Dance Playmat, Giant Interactive Piano Mat (Big, anyone?) and the cute tents available.

When my daughter was young, good, quality toys that won awards, fostered imagination rather than electronic play and assisted with fine and gross motor skills were very important to me. Many items in this sale, like the Secret Formula Lab and Dino Dress-Up capes, fit the bill.

Where do you like to get your toys? Will you be purchasing any from the Young Explorers sale? Tell us about it in the chat.

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