Wash Wizard

Have you tried one?

Since I'm not one for gimmicks, I don't often try products like the Wash Wizard. I even make my own cheap laundry detergent at home! So when I saw a few friends who do the same raving about it, I became quite curious. This thing uses the power of science to clean your clothes, and given the fact that they make drinking straws to purify mud puddles these days, I figured it could be true.

Apparently you can get 1000 loads out of a single orb, which costs $43. I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical, but not having to grate my soap and go through all of the de-clumping (washing soda and borax get super clumpy!) is pretty tempting. I'd love to see what my fellow eShoppers think about the Wash Wizard.

What do you think of the orb? Does it get the job done? Tell me how you use it in your family. If you don't have one, would you get one?

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