Valentine Shopping

Share your ideas and deals below!

Valentine's Day is only a week away! Do you know what you're getting your loved one, friend, family member--or even yourself? Hey, everyone celebrates differently, and there's no one here to judge you. You want to treat yourself to a mani, pony ride or Batman costume a la Ben Wyatt? Treat yourself.

The best Valentine gifts are always the ones that show that you know someone rather than what the ads say you need to be giving. Skip the flowers and chocolates (unless you want them) and go for something personal and special. One of my best Valentine's buys for my husband was a pair of sais I found on eBay! Of course, there are also plenty of fun gift idea lists like this one if you're looking for something unique.

This year, I bought him a Pac-Man game for our old Nintendo, and I bought our teen some buttons and stickers. What are you buying for Valentine's this year?

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