Use Up Those Points!

Who has the best point system?

The Internet seems to be home to an endless supply of indie businesses now, and while I love it, I'm also a bit overwhelmed. It's like the number of TV show choices we have today: there are simply too many to choose from, and each one has its own unique quirks, points system and other insider knowledge. Many even have their own Facebook groups, which are almost vital to join if you do want to know how to use a company's sales, promotions and other insider info. 

Some of the best companies that offer rewards, I have found, also let you get points for reviewing their products. Southern Breeze Sweet Tea and Fortune Cookie Soap, two companies I really like, have these systems to reward their customers. If you buy anything, it's easy to rack up points to spend later. Another new favorite of mine, Fable, has a lot of coupons that offer BOGO deals when you do anything from make your first order to leave a review. Some of these companies have weird websites, slow turnarounds due to having such small staffs and other oddities (I know one indie company that doesn't even have an email address and only wants to be contacted through Facebook, for example), but they often have some of the best products with the best deals.

So which indie companies are your favorites? Who has the best points system and why? Share your finds in the chat!

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