Sugar and Spite

A perfume and soap company that's spookily scrumptious

Lately I've been singing the praises of a lot of indie companies that I like, and I thought I would recommend one that I recently ordered from called Sugar and Spite. The company is famous for its creepy vibe, with products with names like Bat Cookies, Boneshaker and Bitten and Smitten. It's run by a very creative woman who not only takes a lot of care into her work but also thinks it's important to make every package feel like a gift, no matter how much was spent on it--which means that when you order, you're going to get extras like stickers, candy, bonus items and gift-wrapped items. I've never received items more carefully wrapped and put together.

I ordered from Sugar and Spite in October but didn't love anything I bought--save for a delicious lip balm called American Werewaffle, which I'm still using--so I gave much of it away as gifts. I just ordered a few dram-sized bottles of oil and a lotion and I'm now head over heels. Right now I'm wearing "Circus Schmircus," which is described as, "Step right up! Great big tufts of cotton candy, warm funnel cake, and ooey gooey salt water taffy." It's lovely. I'm planning on trying more products in the future!

Which indie company are you loving this week? Share it in the chat.

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