Spooky Good Halloween Deals

All available October 31

I snicker every time someone asks me, "What day is Halloween again?" The same day it was last year! It's a fair question if you're wondering what day of the week it falls on or if your town is honoring it a different day, of course. All of these deals are good for the day of Halloween only so be sure to grab them while they're here!

Applebee's has $1 Zombie cocktails on Halloween, all day (this may vary depending on your local liquor laws)! It's even garnished with a zombie brain gummy and it looks adorable. 

Per their usual tradition, Krispy Kreme has a free donut per trick-or-treater dressed in costume.

Chili's has one of their famous 'Ritas on sale for the holiday, but it's not as cheap as Applebee's. The Pumpkin 'Rita has pumpkin spice syrup and unlike other deals here, it's at Chili's every day this month.

As always, Baskin Robbins has scoops for $1.50 on the 31st day of the month, so get Trick Oreo Treat and other seasonal favorites for cheap! 

What are your favorite Halloween bargains?

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