Shopping To Reduce Inequality

How mindful of a shopper are you?

I'm as guilty as not shopping with my conscience lately as anyone. As someone who used to deeply research every purchase, I'm now a tired mom who can't stay up as late as she used to, which is no excuse but provides a bit of background. I used to check not only the source of materials but where the company's political donations even went. It turns out that it does't have to be THAT difficult to shop with your conscience.

Sure, it would be great if you could research every purchase you make, but did you know that if everyone just switched about 5% of their purchases to businesses in poor communities, we could reduce income inequality by 80%? That's amazing! And really, how much is 5% of what we buy? It seems like a doable resolution for anyone, especially if you're hoping to stop spending so much at Target (oh, Target, how we all love and hate you at the same time). 

How do you monitor your spending? Do you try to "vote with your dollars" when you shop and if so, what do you use for your research? Share your buying-with-a-conscience tips for a New Year here!

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