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Are you looking for a great deal on movie tickets? There are so many great movies playing right now, and while some of us can wait to see them at home on DVD, others really love that big screen experience. Ticket sellers claim that prices have never been lower comparatively speaking, but in comparison to stagnant wages they sure seem high. One movie ticket costs more than an hour of work for some people, and when those people have multiple children it's quite expensive indeed.

Here are some tips to get cheaper movie tickets:

Check to see if your town has a "dollar theater" that shows slightly older movies that are coming to DVD soon. They often cost much less. The same goes for theaters that aren't well attended.

Check to see if your theater has matinee prices for cheaper during the day or early on weekends.

Try a site like ebates or other reward sites for points for theater tickets.

Avoid IMAX which costs much more.

Sign up to preview movies for free with a site like Gofobo.

What are your best movie money saving tips?


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