Rescue Box On Sale For A Dollar

The service provides food and vaccines for shelter animals

Subscription boxes are so popular because they bring you a curated box of surprise goodies each month based on a theme that you like. Many of these services even give back when you use them, sending some of your payment to help people or animals in need. I just learned about a new box that has a great trial offer from Greater Good, a company I like to buy gifts at since each purchase helps fund cancer, child literacy, veteran, pet, rainforest, hunger and other projects. 

Rescue Box is like other pet subscription boxes: it allows you to customize your box for your cat or dog and you get goodies for them each month in your subscription. The money you spend on the box, however, also goes to feeding and vaccinting animals, which is a great deal. An even better deal is their trial offer, which is $1 for a trial box with the code TRIALOFFER. The offer is for new subscribers only. Regular boxes start at $23.45 per month and continue to fund pet food and vaccinations while simultaneously bringing your pet treats, toys and other goodies each month.

Have you tried Rescue Box? What did you think? Share any other great pet finds you have in the chat below.

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