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When it comes to shoes, I'm usually pretty hard on most companies since shoe manufacturers are notorious for violating labor and environmental laws, or even just pushing their boundaries. Too many companies have made their fortune on the backs of slave labor and sweatshops, not to mention wasted so many resources to do so. But if there's anything I love about the power of social media and pressure, it's that it's forcing companies to really care--or at least behave as if they do!--about the world around them. It's at the point where I don't even care if they truly care, too, but that they just ACT to gain public favor. 

Whether or not ADIDAS truly cares about the ocean or not, they're making shoes out of ocean garbage and I love them so much for it. They've been doing this since 2015, but now they're making completely recyclable shoes so that when they break down, they don't re-contribute to the original problem.

Do you buy ADIDAS? Do you buy any products that are made with the environment in mind? If so share your links in the chat!

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