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Gaming on a Budget

Most of us love to try new games, but they can cost so much money! Gaming cafes make it easier to try games out, but you can't always get everyone you want to play at the cafe. Plus, there's the cost of entry. Did you know that there are lots of print and play games that you can try at home before buying games? One of the most popular games of our time, Cards Against Humanity, is even available for free download!

Most Print to Play games do have variations from their full games. Some may not have all of the cards and many have smaller cards, and of course you don't have the quality printing and storage that you would get if you purchased the game. It's still an affordable way to try the games out, especially if you save on printing costs by taking turns with friends to print games and use ink refills.

Do you play any Print to Play games? Which are your favorites and where do you get them?

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