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We often find ourselves shopping for the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, but what about presents for stress relief? Who do you know, after all, who isn't suffering from some sort of stress, anxiety or even depression? Our current political climate is thought to be to blame by many people for so much widespread stress, but our modern lifestyles are also to blame. Our nutrition, sleep, exercise and basic needs often are neglected, and for what? A fast-paced age of tech where every notification seems so important?

It's time to de-stress, and to do that, we don't have to buy anything. From breathing techniques, meditation on youtube channels and a good old nap, we can do this without buying anything. But we can also tell the people we love that we want them to care for themselves, which is why lists of goodies like these are helpful. From candles to shower melts, zen gardens to relaxing sounds and scents, there are plenty of great goodies to enjoy yourself or give to someone you love. Personally, I like to get gifts from LUSH, since I know my friends aren't going to spend that much on themselves and they could all use something that smells THAT good. 

What do you like to buy in terms of stress relief products for yourself or others? Share your favorites in the chat.

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