Pet Gifts

Here are some fun ideas!

In honor of my chickens' birthday today (okay, it's really their homecoming day, and YES, I celebrate all my animals' birthdays!), I thought it would be fun to share the types of things we get as gifts for our animal friends. For my chickens, it's not very exciting--they got broccoli slaw for their birthday cake this morning, for example!--but for other pets this can mean really fun things.

I bought my dogs Deadpool and Black Panther collars from Spencer's for their last birthday, for example--mostly because they were on sale but they are also really cute. The Met has a list of really cute and pretty pet products that you might be interested in. I know I'd love that floating shelf made for a cat lounger, although it's a bit pricey for me. I might have to make a homemade one, though! Making homemade pet gifts is fun, too--my aunt just brought over some tuggies made of jeans she made for my dogs and danglers for my cats.

Where are your favorite places to find pet gear and presents? Share them in the chat!

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