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Do you know someone who might like a shirt with an enormous pocket on the outside, a baseball cap that doubles as a phone charger or a tiny lazy Susan for the pantry or fridge? Maybe he or she would LOVE this Chewbacca Bandolier seatbelt cover (I know I would!). You can find all of these things and more at the Oddity Mall, a curation company that scours the web for the strangest finds and where to buy them. You can even sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive new gift ideas regularly.

Many of the items found at Oddity Mall are also sold at Shutup and Take My Money, where you can find everything from wine stockings to plush blobfish and a Q-tip shooting bow. These are perfect gifts for those hard-to-buy people who wouldn't mind a bit of whimsy in their lives. Who couldn't use a Dad Bag Belly Pack (shaped like a belly) or a Game of Thrones flask? 

Where do you find weird gifts for the people on your list? Share your links in the chat!

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