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Who's On Yours?

In 2019, we have the chance to not only vote at the booth but with our dollars on a daily basis, hitting the companies whose policies and practices we disagree with hardest at the cash register. Boycotts work and policies get changed by citizen involvement, but you have to care enough to, say, skip that chicken sandwich to ensure the money you spent on it isn't funneled into, say, executing people for being gay.

That's why when I read that Coke is the world's biggest plastic pollutor, I just about cried. I am a Coke Zero drinker, and as someone who isn't supposed to have sugar, it's been a life changer for me, especially since it tastes so close to the real thing. Obviously there are other diet colas in the world I can choose from, especially those who don't use plastic, but they aren't readily available and they often cost a lot more--which is the price of voting with our dollars most of the time, right? Paying more in order to pay people fairly. 

What brands do you boycott at all costs? Which are you considering boycotting and why? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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