New Year's Deals

What's on your radar?

At this time of year, many people are shopped out after Christmas, but there are still some great deals going on. Here are just a few I know about; which ones are you planning on hitting?

Bath and Body Works: Their semi-annual sale is always this time of year, as well as in June. You can find a bunch of deals up to 75% off and it's really the time to stock up if you use their products throughout the year. They have daily deals you can sign up to learn about, like $3 handsoaps and wallflowers.

Yankee Candle: It's this candle company's big semi-annual sale time, too! You can get up to 75% off, a bunch of deals for $1, $5, $10 and other savings. You can get select oils for $1.50 and Car Jars for the same price!

Solstice Scents: This year was a big "get to know indie brands" year for me, and Solstice Scents is one of the more high-end varieties of perfumes, which is why their annual sale right now is a big deal. They've got discounts on select scents, including some samples, so be sure to check it out through the end of the year.

What other deals do you know about during the end of December and beginning of a new year? Share them in the chat.

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