New Sustainable Line From Levis

And it's made from hemp!

Consumers are going gaga over hemp being used in many new products, many not realizing that much of American society was built upon the industry before marijuana was criminalized in order to spread hatred and fear of Mexican people in the United States. It's great that it's gaining so much public support, but as many people have said, those incarcerated for selling it need to be freed before the rich should be able to profit off of it.

Still, finding out that companies like Levi are creating new sustainable lines of clothing, like these hemp ones, is exciting for anyone who cares about the planet. Hemp is so much more sustainable than cotton, not to mention easier to grow and faster to replace. Imagine if we'd been using it all along! Even though many smaller companies have been using hemp in everything from pants to checkbook covers for many years, it's still very exciting to see it being used by mainstream companies.

Where do you buy your sustainable clothing? Share your favorite sellers in the chat.

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