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There are so many different places to buy makeup--and so many brands, from department stores to indie companies--that choosing a good product can often feel overwhelming. I'm not all that picky, but I do tend to find that my black lipstick just doesn't have staying power. I'd love something that I could put on and not worry about all day, especially while I'm drinking coffee, but looking for the best products has me a little stumped.

This Revlon lipstick is in the price range I was hoping for, and it's got decent reviews--with the exception of staying power! This Ulta lipstick might work, but I'm not a hug fan of wands. I'd rather it not be matte, too, but I don't mind adding my own gloss. This Lime Crime lipstick looks like it's built for lasting power but it does come with a $20 pricetag. My friends and family who buy a lot of makeup say that's not bad, but I'm used to shopping department stores and sales (my current lipstick is from the Spirit Shop and I get it on sale every year for half price!) so I'm still a little wary and wish I could try it before spending that much. I have to say I'm really impressed with many of the looks users are pulling off with the Lime Crime products on their website. I'm in awe of their artistic skills! This M.A.C. product is in the same vein. I'm guessing the applicator wand is the way to go these days because this Allure piece on the best black lipsticks mentions a lot of them, too. 

How do you choose your beauty products? Any great sources, steals and deals you can suggest, and do you know of any you can try in a sample size before buying? Share your favorite sources in the chat!

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