Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

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Are you in the market for a last-minute Mother's Day gift for the mother figure in your life? Even though it's down to the wire, you can still get or make something special just in time for Mother's Day (or later, if you can't see your person until then). I love these ideas from Geek Dad! From geode bath bombs to a General Leia purse, these are pretty much my dream pressies.

A meal is always a good gift. Even when your mother figure likes cooking it's still nice to eat out or have a meal prepared for them, so why not whip up a favorite meal or take your person out to eat somewhere you know they'll love? 

Cute and cheesy is always welcome for Mother's Day! If you make a coupon book, make sure you actually enforce their redemption, and if you make anything with handprints on it, make sure it's not clutter-worthy. Even better, make something with your handprints together, like wax hands or some pottery! Memories are the favorite gifts of many mom figures so keep that in mind.

What are you getting your person this Mother's Day? If you're mom, what do you hope to get? Share your ideas in the chat.

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