Green Legos

Pricey but worth it

If you buy Legos at all, you are already aware of how pricey the sets can be. My daughter loves Legos but only gets them as gifts on big holidays and birthdays, unless she saves up for them on her own, due to their price. So the price of the new green Legos, made out of sustainable plant-sourced plastic, really isn't a shocker, and the theme of the set, which is LEGO Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine Building Kit, isn't a surprise, either.

Three minifigs and a pet are included in the set, which features 826 pieces, motorized blades, a service vehicle and more. The power functions are adjustable so you can control the turbine and lights, and while the product ads make it seem like the woman Lego is the customer and the two workers are men, you could easily swap out some features to change this.

What do you think of the new sustainable line of Legos? Is the price worth it for sustainably-sourced plastic?

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