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Father's Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you are getting the special dads or father figures in your life? I'm not one to get a gift from a list of "gift ideas," because my dad and husband don't usually go for most of what they suggest. They are both work-with-their-hands guys, but they already have all of the tool ideas that most lists suggest. They'd rather get more specialized tools--carpentry, for my dad, and automotive, for my husband. They might like tackle subscriptions, but really I know they both prefer choosing their own, often live, bait when fishing, too.

I often go with experiences for these two, getting them a trip to the races, a new restaurant, that sort of thing. My husband likes the action-oriented things more than my dad, who is disabled, but he still likes to watch a lot of events, and everybody loves to eat, right? I was thinking about getting a Groupon to a German restaurant I like that I know both my German guys would appreciate this year. I've also found a bunch of fun things on Uncommon Goods in the past.

What are you getting the father figures in your life this year? 

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