Fun Coffee Mugs

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Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Most people seem to have one. I have many, and most of them were given to me! From the Girl Scouts and Library read-a-thon mugs I've earned to the ones I've been given as gifts from family members, I have a lot of beloved mugs. Most of them even have their own stories about how they were acquired or a fond memory attached to them.

Nerd Kung Fu has some great coffee mugs for sale, like this one featuring a bunch of banned books. They also have mugs featuring Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Tetris and other fun things. If you ever head to the Dollar Tree, they sometimes have really cute ones for just a buck. I found some neat astrology-themed mugs there. Another place we like to get mugs is the pottery painting store, where you can paint your own. My teen has painted some really neat Doctor Who and Good Omens mugs.

Where do you like to get your mugs? What kinds of stories do they have? Share them and any mug deals in the chat!

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