Fortune Cookie Soap Company Restocks Wonderland Collection

Get your Futterwackin Soap while you can!

We've talked about how much fun fandom-based goodies are here at eShopper Forum many times, but I just learned about a company that I'm in love with and I had to share! It's called Fortune Cookie Soap, and yes, the company sells soaps shaped like fortune cookies and I could geek out over those alone, but they also have a bunch of fandom-based personal care items, bath goodies, toilet sprays and more. The company has a Facebook group to help showcase their sales and releases, and you can even order a monthly subscription box featuring  a new scent every month.

Also known as FCS, the company just re-stocked their famous Alice in Wonderland collection of products and it's as magical and delightful-sounding as you might expect. From shower oil to soaps, cuticle cream, facial moisturizer and more, you can find Alice-themed everything. They also have a bunch of cool specialized soaps like foaming hand soap, jelly soap and body wash, as well as sumptious stuff to make you feel soft and smell good like body frosting and oil spray.

Scents like Eat Me, Who Are You and It's Only a Dream are super tempting, especially when you read the descriptions of the complex yet fitting scent combinations. I'm definitley following this company! Have you purchased anything from FCS before? What did you think?

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