Dolls For All

These nontraditional dolls are one-of-a-kind

Amy Jandrisevits is a woman with a dream: a dream that every child, no matter their gender, body type, ethnicity, age or any other characteristic, should have a doll that looks like them. It's a beautiful dream and it's already made many children very happy. 

Each handmade doll is custom made to look just like the child who wants the doll. Each creation is crafted to match the child's hair, eyes, skin color, freckle, birth mark and other feature. Kids with features that are never found on the typical doll can get a doll made featuring their own likeness. It's such a cool concept that may have been available in the past on a local level by various crafters, but now it's a project people can order from online.

If you're interested in A Doll Like Me, you can find more information out at the project GoFundMe page.

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