Does Harry's Have Your Business?

Razor co casually and beautifully includes trans man

Some people love how woke many companies are becoming with their ads. Others think it's a blatant tool to get more money--and of course it is, as these are for-profit businesses who only make ads to make more money--but as diversity becomes more mainstream through ads and other media, everyone benefits. Take Harry's latest razor ad. 

Not only is it wholesome, cute, funny at times and even tear-jerking, but it features a trans man so casually that you'll miss it if you're not aware it's there. I did the first time. It beautifully normalizes that there are many ways to be a man, and my only wish is that it included more fat men who also need more visibility (as something other than a punchline). 

Will I buy from Harry's? Well, if I bought razors, I would, but I don't. My husband plans to buy from them, though, and I hope many others carefully consider the messages companies are sending when they make purchases, too.

Have any ads helped weigh your decision about whether or not to make a purchase? If so, which ones?

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