DIY Guest House Kit

If you have the money, this could be a great investment

A house that you can assemble in 8 hours? That's exactly what Amazon is promising with this DIY guest house kit! It's not a complete "small house," but it's enough for a guest or two to spend the night in comfort. For $7,000, it's considered one of the more affordable DIY mini houses on the market, and it's supposed to be able to be set up within 8 hours, making it great for short notice guests, kids who might need to move back home for a bit or other individuals who could use this home.

A quick search will show you that there are many different kinds of DIY houses like these on the market, and they are nothing new. Sears was doing this with houses decades ago, but today the trend of tiny houses seems to have really spiked the desire for these little kits. Of course, some of the searches you do will probably yield depressingly expensive dream house playhouses to let you know that some kids' playhouses cost more than your home...

Have you ever used a DIY house kit? What was it like? Or maybe you want one. Share your thoughts in the chat.

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