Cute Ideas for Valentine's Day

Check out these fun suggestions

Buzzfeed comes up with some pretty cute lists and this list of 32 things Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?" has some adorable ideas for Valentine's Day. Yes, I know that they use affiliate links sometimes but who cares. If they have cool stuff with a good deal, we should check it out.

The dairy valentines are so cute and perfect for giving to friends, and the Dobby socks are perfect for your Harry Potter lover. The dress with pockets (!) would make an awesome gift for anyone, especially since our dresses don't usually feature pockets, but I would avoid giving your lover the ironing mat for lover's day. Just saying. I know someone who would love those essential oil towlettes (who knew those were even a thing?) and the five year memory book is great for long-term couples or families.

Check out the whole list. What do you want the most and what would you remove or add? Tell us what you buy, if anything, in the chat!

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