The Craft Girls Are Coming To Funko Pop!

2020 really is the season of the witch

From Sabrina to Charmed to everything in between, witches seem to be pretty en vogue lately and I'm definitely here for it, and have been since I was a teenager. As a Funko Pop collector who already has a Winnie (Hocus Pocus) and Morticia (Addams Family), I'm so excited to see that Funko Pop is releasing a line of The Craft pops soon!

These collectibles were revealed at the London Toy Fair recently and from the photo spoilers we can see that all four girls, from dark Nancy to witch next door Sarah, are all included. They have such 90s witch vibes that I can't help but want them all. 

What do you think of these pops? Will you be getting a set? What other pops do you collect?

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