Cool Mug Reveals Space Facts

What other space products do you like?

My teen has a neat mug that reveals constellations when it gets warm. It's just a bunch of random stars until that occurs. Unfortunately it was put in the dishwasher and now it's falling apart, but it was a neat mug! I just stumbled upon this mug that reveals facts about space and thought it would be a pretty neat gift in the future, too. It has planets instead of constellations, but it's in beautiful colors with fun facts that show up when it gets hot.

We've been doing a unit on space this summer so everything is about space right now! The kid's had stars on the bedroom ceiling for ages, but now it's time to move deeper into more subjects and detail. We are doing sci-fi July, with lots of short stories and films, and reading books like 13 Planets, which really just blows my mind. So finding space-themed goodies is a bonus right now.

What other space-themed purchases have you made recently? Share them or your spacey wish list in the chat.

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