Coding Games for Kids

Great gifts for almost any young person

Coding is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Many jobs call for coding skills and it makes sense to teach kids and teens how to do it. There are dozens of coding games available to help teach kids these skills and you can order most of them online. There are even games for the youngest children.

Small kids might like playing Robot Turtles, for example. You use cards instead of an actual computer or any electronics, making it perfect for small hands without much dexterity. For older kids who like Minecrft, Clue Master is a good choice. It features very similar graphics.

Want to set up a free way to teach the kids some coding in person? Schedule a Minecraft or Apple class for the kids at no cost. Invite friends and you can even have a coding party!

What coding game finds have you seen online? Share them in the chat.

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