Book Hangover Recovery Kits

The perfect gift for the book lover

You know that terrible feeling when you finish a book series and you don't want it to be over because you loved it so much? Welcome to your book hangover! Not only did I recently discover this phrase, but I also ran across an actual box of goodies you can order to help you deal with said affliction. The makers of Fae Crate, a fun subscription box of bookish items, also sell a Book Hangover Recovery Kit. Released with many popular YA series finale books, these crates feature all kinds of goodies, including t-shirts, candles, pillow cases, plushies and so much more.

The crates can come with the actual final book of the series, too, which is helpful if you haven't read it yet but you know it's going to be a hangover because you loved the previous books so much. Past crates have included themes like Queen of Air and Darkness and Kingdom of Ash. Currently they have the Defy Me box on sale with others soon to follow. You can sign up to be notified when new boxes release.

What do you think of this subscription service? Tell us your thoughts in the chat!

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