The Bomb Dot Com at Fortune Cookie Soap

Get in on this once a year special!

Fortune Cookie Soap is my new obsession, and the company has so many deals that there's really no excuse to not try them out. They even have a Christmas in July sale coming up next week where they will have all kinds of goodies on sale, and I can't wait to see what it will be like. I've been getting their box of the month since May (a present I received for Mother's Day) and it's just been so fun to anticipate, open up and try. Their body butters, whipped creams and aloe products are wonderful!

Tomorrow they have a special called The Bomb Dot Com in honor of the Fourth of July. Remember those Bomb Pops when we were kids? I'm guessing that they still make them... Anyway, they will have a bunch of products in that "flavor" available for purchase and I can't wait to see what they are. If you look up products on their website, you can see what the old products were to get an idea, but they usually introduce new ones with each collection. 

Will you be checking out the sale tomorrow? It starts at noon, and from experience I can tell you that they do sell out quickly, but they often restock for pre-order following the first sale.

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