Black Friday Bargains

What's on your list?

As someone who doesn't frequently shop on Black Friday, I don't have any big plans this year, but I know my husband's scouring the market for two things: cheap TVs and phones. We have a pretty old borrowed TV since our old one blew up (it caught fire!) and he'd like a more modern one, and my phone is ancient but I refuse to buy a new one because 1. I don't like buying new things if my old ones are still workable and 2. it has a sentimental rock stuck in it from one of its many drops. Sure, I have to reset it to factory settings every few months because it's so outdated but it still works, and it was $45 so if he can't top that, I am not interested! Ha!

Lots of people work hard at getting a good deal on Black Friday, and if you save your family money on things you need, more power to you. I see that Target has an instant pot for under $70, for example, which could be great if you need one. Ours was given to us free from a friend so I'm not sure what I'd be willing to pay for one, but I also know that some people use them daily. Wal-Mart has a PS4 bundle for under $200, so if you're searching for a deal there it's probably a decent one.

What Black Friday deals are you hoping to score, or do you skip the shopping all together? How about Cyber Monday? 

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