Best Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Something for everyone!

Are you shopping for a bunch of tech lovers this holiday season? If so, there are some amazing gifts out there to choose from this year! Take, for example, the Google Daydream. It's a virtual reality headset that's not as expensive as most others on the market and works with any Daydream compatible phone. The coolest thing about it is that you can show your daydream on the TV screen so everyone can see what you are viewing, which makes you look a little less like a weirdo walking around looking into a box while nobody knows what you're doing.

There are so many drones to choose from these days that the most difficult thing is simply choosing which one to get your drone-lover for the holidays. The TRNDLabs Spectre Dome is a pretty cool model that has everything most people want in a drone, including an HD camera. It's in the mid-range as far as drone prices go, too.

What cool tech finds are you after this holiday? Which ones do you hope to receive?


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