Best Book Deals

Where do you get yours?

As a homeschooling parent, I try to get the best book deals I possibly can. There are a lot of ways to do this! Here are just a few.

My first way to get a book is ALWAYS through the library. Unless it's one I want to buy (and bibliophile that I am, these days I'd rather just read and return), I will check it out if I can first. My husband sometimes gets me a city library account for Mother's Day, which is $50 a year but has access to more materials than our county branches as well as a HUGE maximum. We can have 30 out at a time through the county but the city allows 100! That's a steal if you're checking out 60 at a time to read through several pages on alternating days for different subjects and/or different kids. Don't forget to check the ebooks if your library has those!

Next, I check to see if a friend has it and we can borrow. Many of us cover similar topics and often trade books, documentaries, etc. I even made a Lending Library group on Facebook so we can swap them. We even trade board games sometimes!

If you absolutely can't find it and you don't have the cash, try Youtube. This is great if you need to read a classic audiobook, like The Wizard of Oz or Mary Poppins. These are also often free on if you are okay with Kindle books. Speaking of which, I hope you know that if you have a Prime account you also have access to a pretty decent prime books lending library! We've read many books this way, still for free. You can also subscribe to various blogs, like this one, that will tell you about different eBook deals each day.

I must admit that I often use Amazon if I'm going to buckle down and buy the book, but Thrift Books is another favorite resource. I've also found lots of great deals at various thrift stores over the years but not when it comes to specific titles I'm looking for.

How do you save on books? 

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