Bath Bombs for a Cause

Get a great buy and help support diabetes research

Are you more likely to support a company if it's independently owned? How about if part of its proceeds help to fund a cause you support? Both are true for me and when I ran across a video about a young woman who has sold hundreds of homemade bath bombs, with 30% of her proceeds benefiting diabetes research, I had to take a look!

Hanna Grace has sold over $4,000 worth of bath bombs and has generously donated much of that money toward her cause. As much as I love a certain other bomb company, I think I'll order from Hannah if I can! She's a great inspiration that I'll also be showing my current events and 4-H youth groups.

Are there any great businesses that support causes that you'd like to raise funds for? How about great bargains or deals from independent companies? Share the links you find in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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