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The number of free and cheap apps on your phone can be both a blessing and a curse, right? Sure, there are things that can help make your life easier, but there are also apps that just give you a billion updates, take up all of your time or both. Being choosey is key when it comes to downloading your apps.

That said, some applications are pretty amazing and need to be shared. One of my favorite free apps is the Stop, Breathe and Think meditation app. The free version is limited (as is often the case) but it's still enough to help you get centered within the chaos that surrounds you and find your calm place. 

There are also some great apps to help you track your sleep. Whether you want better sleep, to find out why you can't sleep, or to even find out whether or not you snore or talk in your sleep, these can all be helpful. Some do cost to download but you can try many for free.

What is your favorite free or cheap app? How does it add to your life? Share your favorites here.


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