Universal Monster Collection Launches At Hot Topic

Are you as in love as we are?

My teenager is over the moon for classic monsters and horror movies, so when we saw that Hot Topic was launching a Universal Monsters collection, we both pretty much went gaga. The kid yelled much more than I did, especially over the Frankenstein jacket and all of the werewolf stuff, but I'm here for the Creature From the Black Lagoon dress, Dracula cardigan... everything! It's really cool that the classics are so popular this year because not only has my teen always loved them, but they're also making a classic monsters mural on our living room window this year.

Unfortunately they don't have EVERY classic monster (my kid's favorite, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, seems to be absent) but they have quite a few, including Bride of Frankenstein, and today they're 20% off! They have bags, purses, wallets, jackets, skirts, t-shirts, you name it. There are also cute little horror figures.

What do you think of the collection? Will you be buying anything? Share it in the chat!


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Harry Potter Lego Advent On Sale!

Get this deal on Amazon today

While my family isn't religious, we love a good countdown calendar SO much. We do them for birthdays, Halloween, Valentine's and Christmas, and we mix up little gifts with candies and little slips of paper that say an activity or craft to do that day. One year we did all books for Valentine's Day and it was lovely! 

If you have a Lego lover who also happens to love Harry Potter, this deal for an Amazon LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is one to grab now while it's on sale for $32.99. It comes with over 300 pieces, including 7 minifigs, a Hedwig owl, a mini Hogwarts Express and a bunch of cool little Hogwarts Legos that any fan would love to get for Christmas!

Will you be getting this set? If not, which Lego sets or Advent calendars are on your radar? Share them in the chat!

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Birthday Deals

Share your favorites!

While my birthday isn't until later in the fall, this month Fortune Cookie Soap is celebrating their 15th birthday with a themed collection, which has it on my mind. It's always a good time to sign up for deals for your birthday--especially in advance--so you can get lots of offers in your email by your birthday month.

My favorite birthday special is probably from our closest Brazilian churrasco restaruant, Tucanos. It's a place we don't visit often because of the price tag, but if you get their birthday deal, you can buy one and get one free, which is a fantastic deal. I also love how my favorite indie brands (like the aforementioned Fortune Cookie Soap, but also Haus of Gloi and other brands) give you bonus points for your birthday, which is often enough to get something free. Lots of restaurants also offer birthday BOGOs and freebies, from the Great American Cookie Compay to Captain D's. 

What are your favorite birthday deals? Share where we need to sign up in the chat!

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Marvel Barbies Are Here!

There's Storm, Dark Phoenix and Mystique

If you've never fancied yourself a Barbie person, you may change your mind when you check out the new line of X-Men Barbies that are being released in honor of Marvel's 80th anniversary! The dolls will feature Storm, Dark Phoenix and Mystique, and they will cost $54.99 each. They are available for pre-order and you can find them at the GameStop link above.

For those who finds these toys a little on the pricey side, keep in mind that you can find many Marvel action figures at GameStop as well as Slacker, V-Stock, and other comic and video game stores as well as online sellers like eBay and Amazon. A lot of the collectible items are even pricier, but some are as cheap as $14. Entertainment Earth even has sets for $60, but they don't feature all of the characters here.

Will you be buying the X-Men Barbies? If not, do you have any other X-Men toys? Where do you like to buy them? Share your deals in the chat.

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Camping On The Water

Would you use this Amphibious Camper?

Have you seen these incredible campers that allow you to camp both on land and on water? They are becoming popular across the Internet as "Amphibious Campers." It's almost like something out of a Bond movie, except it's totally real, and you can totally buy one. 

There's a wide variety of these "camper boats" to meet different needs, and the fact that they can transform from a trailer to a yacht is just mind-boggling. You can camp in it like you normally do, or convert it to camp on the water. In your own little boat. How cool is that? If you've always wanted a boat AND a camper, here's your chance!

Would you get an amphibious camper? Do you have one? Tell us about it in the chat!

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Care Packages For College Students

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When it comes to care packages, DIY is always best, don't you think? You can customize, exclude things that the recipient wouldn't like from a pre-packaged box and include special, unique items just for that person. But sometimes you can't create one based on time, or a subscription service that would really fit the person in mind is just easier and cheaper, especially with shipping. 

When you do want to send a college care kit to someone, The College Student First Aid Kit is a great way to do it. It contains everything you need for minor bumps, bruises and illnesses that college kids may not have thought to pack on their own. Sure, some dorms have these kits on the floor, but many kids may not be staying in dorms--and many may have incidents late at night when they don't feel comfortable venturing out. These could be lifesaver kits for many people!

What college survival kits, care packages or subscription boxes do you like best? Share them in the chat.

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National Lemonade Day Specials

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It's National Lemonade Day! Do you have big lemonade plans? Lemonade is probably my all-time favorite drink, and I'll make it any way--from lemon shake-ups to keto lemonade, lemonade-tea (Arnold Palmer) drinks to cocktails. YUM. Plenty of businesses are having lemonade celebrates today in honor of the holiday, so why not take them up on them?

Here are a bunch of businesses, many of them large chains, that will be giving out free lemonade for the holiday or have given it out in the past. Check to see if one is participating this year near you! There's also a link here where you can enter your info and find participating locations near you.

What are you doing for National Lemonade Day? Share your city's events or your favorite local deals in the chat!


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August Deals

What purchases do you usually make in August?

August is nearly halfway over, but even if we're finished with the tax-free sales, that doesn't mean there aren't many other sales to enjoy this month. There are back-to-school bargains to be had at just about every store, and it's the time of year to pick up paper, glue and scissors for a quarter or 50 cents, laptops for $150 and dorm gear at a discount, too.

It's also a great time of year to score big on summer clothing, swimsuits, summer shoes and other summery items that will be going out of season soon. It's hard to predict the sizes your kids will be next year, but if you're buying for yourself, you might as well make good use of the discounts. It's also a great time to pick up some patio furniture and other outdoor gear that many people will be putting away for the year in just a few short months before it's all exchanged for winter items in the stores.

What do you make sure to buy in August? Share your steals and deals in the chat.

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Car Repairs on the Cheap

Share your secrets!

If you're the kind of person who likes to save money on car repairs, there are lots of ways to go about it. Some banks and credit unions, for example, offer an insurance program that covers all of the repairs to your vehicle out of a monthly payment, which can save you lots of money if you need lots of repairs. You can see if the dealer will fix it for free, if there are coupons or specials available via an app, email or the store itself and look for other discounts. Some stores even have new customer specials.

If you're handy or you have someone close who is and will charge you less, try getting used parts from a junkyard, which can save you 80% or more, or try a discount parts outlet like Rock Auto. You can often even find the whole car you need on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for cheap. If it's already less than the part you need costs new, why not get it and have it for spare parts, or to fix up and sell later?

How do you save money on auto repairs? Share your tips in the chat!

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Fun Amazon Finds

Share your favorites!

Amazon.com can be as big of a time suck as social media sites and your favorite blogs or Pinterest. Once you start discovering cool new deals, weird finds for under $20 and other goodies it's hard to stop looking, making wish lists and generally spending way too much time online.

This list of finds for under $25 has me wasting way too much time on the Internet, but just look at some of these cool items for sale! You never knew you needed, from an indoor grill to a straw that filters water from lakes. There's a pull-apart key chain that makes sharing keys easy, an ice cube tray that's super flexible, and exciting, innovative tech like cut-resistant gloves and diffuser water bottles. 

What's the coolest thing you've seen for sale on Amazon? Share it in the chat.

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Fun Coffee Mugs

Share your favorites!

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Most people seem to have one. I have many, and most of them were given to me! From the Girl Scouts and Library read-a-thon mugs I've earned to the ones I've been given as gifts from family members, I have a lot of beloved mugs. Most of them even have their own stories about how they were acquired or a fond memory attached to them.

Nerd Kung Fu has some great coffee mugs for sale, like this one featuring a bunch of banned books. They also have mugs featuring Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Tetris and other fun things. If you ever head to the Dollar Tree, they sometimes have really cute ones for just a buck. I found some neat astrology-themed mugs there. Another place we like to get mugs is the pottery painting store, where you can paint your own. My teen has painted some really neat Doctor Who and Good Omens mugs.

Where do you like to get your mugs? What kinds of stories do they have? Share them and any mug deals in the chat!

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Back To School Sales

Share your shopping secrets

Even if you're not going back to school this year and you don't know anyone who is, you can still take advantage of Back to School sales that are happening just about everywhere. Many are already starting, especially since companies like Wal-Mart and Target are competing with Amazon against Prime Day, but most will occur next month, so it's time to get your plan of action started!

For info about the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday, you can visit this website. The first weekend of August you could find lots of tax-free items, depending on where you live and where you shop. It may not sound like a huge savings, but if you're making major purchases, getting lots of items for several kids or sending someone off to college, it can really be helpful. 

Personally I am known to stock up on what we tend to go through most, which are glue sticks, notebooks, printer paper and tape! My teen also goes through pencils to the nub on a daily basis (an artist at heart!) so I'm sure we'll pick some of those up, too. Where do you go to get all of your Back to School goodies? Share your shopping ninja secrets in the chat.

Stranger Things Everywhere

Share your finds!

I'd ask if anyone else out there is as obsessed with Stranger Things as I am, but I already know the answer to such a silly question! What's exciting, especially after such a harrowing season, is to see so much Stranger Things merch everywhere you go. There are the usual pops, apparel and such online at the regular haunts like Hot Topic, but just going to Target yesterday I saw SO much stuff, including pool inflatables, games, Funko pops, blankets and even two different types of Stranger Things ice cream! Including Scoops Ahoy this season was a great idea for branding, right? Baskin Robbins also carries these flavors in their stores.

Coke, of course, is also in on the game, with so much product placement and nods to the "new" Coke. There are collectible cans and bottles featuring the show. Spencer's also has super cute inflatable demogorgons, but they're on the pricey side.

What other Stranger Things finds have you come across? Share your links in the chat!

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The Bomb Dot Com at Fortune Cookie Soap

Get in on this once a year special!

Fortune Cookie Soap is my new obsession, and the company has so many deals that there's really no excuse to not try them out. They even have a Christmas in July sale coming up next week where they will have all kinds of goodies on sale, and I can't wait to see what it will be like. I've been getting their box of the month since May (a present I received for Mother's Day) and it's just been so fun to anticipate, open up and try. Their body butters, whipped creams and aloe products are wonderful!

Tomorrow they have a special called The Bomb Dot Com in honor of the Fourth of July. Remember those Bomb Pops when we were kids? I'm guessing that they still make them... Anyway, they will have a bunch of products in that "flavor" available for purchase and I can't wait to see what they are. If you look up products on their website, you can see what the old products were to get an idea, but they usually introduce new ones with each collection. 

Will you be checking out the sale tomorrow? It starts at noon, and from experience I can tell you that they do sell out quickly, but they often restock for pre-order following the first sale.

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Cool Mug Reveals Space Facts

What other space products do you like?

My teen has a neat mug that reveals constellations when it gets warm. It's just a bunch of random stars until that occurs. Unfortunately it was put in the dishwasher and now it's falling apart, but it was a neat mug! I just stumbled upon this mug that reveals facts about space and thought it would be a pretty neat gift in the future, too. It has planets instead of constellations, but it's in beautiful colors with fun facts that show up when it gets hot.

We've been doing a unit on space this summer so everything is about space right now! The kid's had stars on the bedroom ceiling for ages, but now it's time to move deeper into more subjects and detail. We are doing sci-fi July, with lots of short stories and films, and reading books like 13 Planets, which really just blows my mind. So finding space-themed goodies is a bonus right now.

What other space-themed purchases have you made recently? Share them or your spacey wish list in the chat.

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