Online Easter Specials

Order out or dine in for the holiday

If you prefer dining out instead of cooking for the holidays, there are plenty of great Easter deals and restaurants that will be open for you to choose from this year. Whether you want takeout, dine-in options or even delivery, you can eat what you want this Easter.

Not every restaurant will be open, but you can bet Denny's, Waffle House, Boston Market and Shoney's will all be open. Melting Pot is running a special where you get a free mimosa with your Easter brunch, and many other local restaurants have similar offers. Many restaurants, like Cracker Barrel, will even offter heat and serve meals you can take home. Click the link for a full list.

Will you be dining out this Easter? Where are you eating? Tell us about any deals you find in the chat.

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Have you tried the $3 store?

Everyone is trying to save a buck these days, and Brandless is a new store that's helping us do it. Everything at Brandless is $3, giving you the savings of a brand-free product that's not quite the savings of, say, Aldi, but may be cheaper than many store brands.

What sets Brandless apart is that many of the cheap items are organic, natural and good for you. Not only does part of your sale go toward Feeding America, but you also get free shipping on orders over $39. The store carries a bit of everything, from personal care products to food, office supplies to health items. Supplements, honey, tree-free bath's all there and more.

Have you ever shopped at Brandless before? What did you think of the store? Tell us how it compares to other stores in the chat.

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Print and Play Games

Gaming on a Budget

Most of us love to try new games, but they can cost so much money! Gaming cafes make it easier to try games out, but you can't always get everyone you want to play at the cafe. Plus, there's the cost of entry. Did you know that there are lots of print and play games that you can try at home before buying games? One of the most popular games of our time, Cards Against Humanity, is even available for free download!

Most Print to Play games do have variations from their full games. Some may not have all of the cards and many have smaller cards, and of course you don't have the quality printing and storage that you would get if you purchased the game. It's still an affordable way to try the games out, especially if you save on printing costs by taking turns with friends to print games and use ink refills.

Do you play any Print to Play games? Which are your favorites and where do you get them?

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Easter Deals

Share yours Here

Easter is less than a month away (and on April Fool's Day, no less, which gives you lots of chances to make it intersting this year!) and sales are already starting to run for the holiday. Between chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs and baskets, what do you need, and where will you get it?

We re-use corrugated, shredded colorful paper for our baskets each year as well as our eggs, so we don't usually have to buy much. This year our daughter is a tween and getting more things along the lines of books and stationary instead of the typical candy, but she's also wanting to hunt for eggs, just for fun.

The day after Easter sales at Target are great, but where do you get your Easter goodies for the actual holiday? Share your tips and codes in the chat.


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Great Codes to Use Today

Share your finds

Do you have any awesome coupon codes that you are saving up to use this week? Here are a couple of goodies for today!

Groupon has 20% off if you use the code SALE3. It's a great time to load up on deals for Easter or Mother's Day with this deal. 

Shopping at JoAnn's? You can get any regularly-priced item for 40% off today with the code KPAP062!

What codes are you using to shop with today? Share them in the chat.

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Target Secrets

Share your tips for shopping at Target

My aunt has always called it "TAR JAY," but to most people, Target is the place to get toilet paper and leave with $152 worth of stuff you never knew you needed... sigh. But the shoppers in the know are faring much better off since they know the secrets to shopping at the store.

For example, you might have already known that markdowns go into effect based on the day of the week, but did you know that if the price ends in .06 or 08 it's going to get marked down again? You might want to wait again for that markdown unless you're worried it will sell out!

What Target tips do you have to share? Post them in the chat below.

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Valentine's Sales

Share your best finds here

Are you already enjoying all of Valentine's sales going on everywhere? It's the day of, so some of them won't be going on until tomorrow or the day after. That's okay; save a few dollars and wait for tomorrow. It will be worth it! Every year I shop at Target the day after Valentine's Day. I limit myself to $4 or $5 and still get a bunch of stuff!

Last year I got a set of adorable coasters, a centerpiece, some glitterly decorations... all for 40 cents each! We often buy Valentines for the next year as well as crafts, mailbox kits, etc. It's one of the biggest bargains of the year and there are usually lots of things left to look through.

What bargains do you like to get for Valentine's Day sales? Share your secrets in the chat!


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Art Deals on Amazon

Share your best buys

Recently a bunch of parents and I were talking about the various things we never thought we'd want to buy stock in as parents. Masking tape, glitter, glue, printer paper... it all comes in handy and goes quickly when you have kids. How do you lose 24 pairs of scissors anyway?

Thank goodness for Internet bargains. is a great place to find gallons of glue and other deals on bulk art supplies that we desperately need for home and school projects. Today in Goldbox, for example, you can find dual-tipped marker pens for under $22, which is amazing for a 50-piece set. There is also an 80-pack of gel pens with refulls for under $12!

What great art supply bargains have you come across this week? Share them in the chat.

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Bath Bombs for a Cause

Get a great buy and help support diabetes research

Are you more likely to support a company if it's independently owned? How about if part of its proceeds help to fund a cause you support? Both are true for me and when I ran across a video about a young woman who has sold hundreds of homemade bath bombs, with 30% of her proceeds benefiting diabetes research, I had to take a look!

Hanna Grace has sold over $4,000 worth of bath bombs and has generously donated much of that money toward her cause. As much as I love a certain other bomb company, I think I'll order from Hannah if I can! She's a great inspiration that I'll also be showing my current events and 4-H youth groups.

Are there any great businesses that support causes that you'd like to raise funds for? How about great bargains or deals from independent companies? Share the links you find in the chat!

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Cute Ideas for Valentine's Day

Check out these fun suggestions

Buzzfeed comes up with some pretty cute lists and this list of 32 things Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?" has some adorable ideas for Valentine's Day. Yes, I know that they use affiliate links sometimes but who cares. If they have cool stuff with a good deal, we should check it out.

The dairy valentines are so cute and perfect for giving to friends, and the Dobby socks are perfect for your Harry Potter lover. The dress with pockets (!) would make an awesome gift for anyone, especially since our dresses don't usually feature pockets, but I would avoid giving your lover the ironing mat for lover's day. Just saying. I know someone who would love those essential oil towlettes (who knew those were even a thing?) and the five year memory book is great for long-term couples or families.

Check out the whole list. What do you want the most and what would you remove or add? Tell us what you buy, if anything, in the chat!

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Scoring Movie Ticket Deals

Share your best tips

Are you looking for a great deal on movie tickets? There are so many great movies playing right now, and while some of us can wait to see them at home on DVD, others really love that big screen experience. Ticket sellers claim that prices have never been lower comparatively speaking, but in comparison to stagnant wages they sure seem high. One movie ticket costs more than an hour of work for some people, and when those people have multiple children it's quite expensive indeed.

Here are some tips to get cheaper movie tickets:

Check to see if your town has a "dollar theater" that shows slightly older movies that are coming to DVD soon. They often cost much less. The same goes for theaters that aren't well attended.

Check to see if your theater has matinee prices for cheaper during the day or early on weekends.

Try a site like ebates or other reward sites for points for theater tickets.

Avoid IMAX which costs much more.

Sign up to preview movies for free with a site like Gofobo.

What are your best movie money saving tips?


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Gold Box Deals of the Day

What are you getting on Amazon?

The last thing I bought on Amazon was a cat scratching post! I had a gift card from someone and my cats are tearing up my beautiful new pleather furniture from my parents (they moved and it was too big!) so hopefully it works as a solution. Meanwhile, Amazon has several great Gold Box deals today if you want to check them out!

I'm eying that office chair. It's a great price and between my standing desk and the writing desk I have set up, I could use a new chair. My dogs sure would like those Bully Sticks and even though my niece is too young for the dollhouse for sale today, I would love to get it for when she's a bit older! It's an adorable tiny greenhouse and any child (or collector) would surely love to have one.

What are you buying from Gold Box deals today? Share your links in the chat!


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All You Can Eat Pasta

A great winter deal for cozy eating with company

If you're looking for a cozy and filling meal this winder, Noodles and Company might be the place to go. They are having a Winter Pasta Party every Wednesday from now until spring and given that this blogger's kicking carbs right now, it's a hard temptation to pass up! Not only is it a flavorful, fun experience with weekly themes and several pastas to choose from, but it's also a great deal at $10 per person for endless pasta.

Not into pasta? Maybe you are into fitness gear, winter clothing, motorcycles or furniture! According to experts, January is the month to buy these things at the lowest costs in general. That isn't to say you won't find a cheaper rate at another time of year, but it's a good time to shop.

What kind of great buys have you run across this month? Share them in the chat.

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Eating Out vs. Eating at Home

How do you save money?

Research shows that the gap between eating out and eating at home is wider than ever. It's no wonder why eating at restaurants is down; the cost of purchasing food went down in 2016 for the first time in almost 50 years, but it was less than a 2% drop, which is why consumers likely didn't feel it much (especially since wages aren't going up). But the cost of buying food in a restaurant has risen by nearly 3%. 

Buying fast food is a bit different than eating out in a restaurant, but the price has also increased. Still families often find that buying from "value menus" can cost less than preparing food at home, especially if they're on the run, working multiple jobs and unable to cook or otherwise unable to purchase food. 

How do you save money on your grocery bill? Do you have great sources online for coupons? Share your resources in the chat.


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Shopping for Boring People

It's bound to happen sooner or later

Holiday shopping can be great fun, especially if you are shopping for someone with fun interests and tastes. When you have to shop for someone a little... well... boring, it can be a drag. The person may not even be boring, but perhaps you don't know them that well. Maybe he or she just has opposite interests from you. Whatever the situation, it can make shopping a bit difficult. That's where these great lists come into play!

Bustle has a great list of Amazon gifts you can order right now for that hard-to-buy-for person. A cutlery organizer that expands to fit any drawer? A productivity planner, hand steamer or Dirt Devil with a 16-foot power cord? Those are things that anyone might like, PLUS they are so useful that no one could claim that they're frivolous gifts!

At Mashable, you can check out a gorgeous marble cheese board, a wine caddy and a cold brew coffee maker. 

What practical gift ideas have you come across in your shopping adventures? Share them in the chat.


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