Spooky Good Halloween Deals

All available October 31

I snicker every time someone asks me, "What day is Halloween again?" The same day it was last year! It's a fair question if you're wondering what day of the week it falls on or if your town is honoring it a different day, of course. All of these deals are good for the day of Halloween only so be sure to grab them while they're here!

Applebee's has $1 Zombie cocktails on Halloween, all day (this may vary depending on your local liquor laws)! It's even garnished with a zombie brain gummy and it looks adorable. 

Per their usual tradition, Krispy Kreme has a free donut per trick-or-treater dressed in costume.

Chili's has one of their famous 'Ritas on sale for the holiday, but it's not as cheap as Applebee's. The Pumpkin 'Rita has pumpkin spice syrup and unlike other deals here, it's at Chili's every day this month.

As always, Baskin Robbins has scoops for $1.50 on the 31st day of the month, so get Trick Oreo Treat and other seasonal favorites for cheap! 

What are your favorite Halloween bargains?

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Best Book Deals

Where do you get yours?

As a homeschooling parent, I try to get the best book deals I possibly can. There are a lot of ways to do this! Here are just a few.

My first way to get a book is ALWAYS through the library. Unless it's one I want to buy (and bibliophile that I am, these days I'd rather just read and return), I will check it out if I can first. My husband sometimes gets me a city library account for Mother's Day, which is $50 a year but has access to more materials than our county branches as well as a HUGE maximum. We can have 30 out at a time through the county but the city allows 100! That's a steal if you're checking out 60 at a time to read through several pages on alternating days for different subjects and/or different kids. Don't forget to check the ebooks if your library has those!

Next, I check to see if a friend has it and we can borrow. Many of us cover similar topics and often trade books, documentaries, etc. I even made a Lending Library group on Facebook so we can swap them. We even trade board games sometimes!

If you absolutely can't find it and you don't have the cash, try Youtube. This is great if you need to read a classic audiobook, like The Wizard of Oz or Mary Poppins. These are also often free on Amazon.com if you are okay with Kindle books. Speaking of which, I hope you know that if you have a Prime account you also have access to a pretty decent prime books lending library! We've read many books this way, still for free. You can also subscribe to various blogs, like this one, that will tell you about different eBook deals each day.

I must admit that I often use Amazon if I'm going to buckle down and buy the book, but Thrift Books is another favorite resource. I've also found lots of great deals at various thrift stores over the years but not when it comes to specific titles I'm looking for.

How do you save on books? 

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Layaway Season Has Begun

And it's everywhere...

Do you take advantage of layaway offers in order to nab goodies for the holidays while they are on sale? While I've personally never used layaway, I know many people who have and I find it so interesting. I can see the convenience of this option, especially when you have a large family to shop for or you need to make a new purchase when your old TV bites the dust, but I never realized that it was such a heavy phenomenon.

I knew that Wal-Mart offered layaway, for example, but I found out that many private businesses and small shops even offer the service. At our local Renaissance Fair a few weeks ago I saw that one of the garment sellers offered layaway! This is probably a good option for many people considering that handmade garb costs in the hundreds of dollars sometimes. 

Kmart, Sears, Big Lots and other stores offer layaway options. Are they worth it? What are their rates like and do you know of any other off-the-path shops who accept this option?

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Artsnack Subscription Service

Do you get an art subscription box?

My daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks and I've been scouring the web for a truly special gift. She's an artist so I was thinking about getting a fun art subscription box for her. The reviews for ArtSnacks look pretty promising. The box comes with 4-5 full-sized products (usually paint brushes, paints, ink pens and pencils) as well as some advice about how to use them. There's also a little piece of candy included, which would just go wasted since I don't eat sugar and my picky kid only likes chocolate!

It looks like a fun box, but I'm not sure if the price is right for us. I'm looking for something slightly cheaper, but if the supplies are really good it might still be worth it. There are lots of other art subscription boxes, as well as a few "geeky" boxes I'm considering for her as well.

Do you get any subscription boxes for a teen? If so which do you suggest?

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Solo: Now Available on Blu-Ray and Digital Download!

Prime video starts at $5.99

It seems as if it's taken forever for Solo: A Star Wars Story to be released on Blu-Ray and digital download but it's finally here! The epic prequel installment to the Star Wars franchise tells the origins of young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, who is uncanny as a younger version of the Han we know and love. While Harrison Ford's smirk and quick wit remain evident in the youth, Ehrenreich brings an optimism and wild energy to the part that draws the viewer in, helping us realize not only where Han comes from but how he became such a jaded smuggler in the first place.

Solo is on sale for $21.62 on DVD and starts at $5.99 on Prime video. Blu-Ray starts at $27.65. Want to save more money? We often wait for the previously viewed sale at our local Family Video for Blu-Ray purchases, which will usually get you a half-price deal. You can also buy previously viewed from other online retailers in a few weeks if you're willing to wait for the movie.

How do you save on DVD purchases? Share your tips in the comments and let us know what you thought of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Tax Day Deals

Share your finds below!

Tax Day might be a headache for most people, but it's also a great day of savings at plenty of stores. Did you know you can get hotel rebates, free cookies at Great American Cookies and free shaved ice from Kona? You can even save $25 on Rail Europe bookings! National Park fees are also waived today, so head over for a visit if you haven't yet.

Boston Market has meal deals that include beverages for $10.40 and Sonic is giving out half-price cheeseburgers. Cicis has adult buffets at a reduced rate and Firehouse Subs is offering a BOGO deal. There are deals for nearly every large metropolitan area and many suburban areas as well, so just google or call the place you are visiting and check to see if they have a deal going on.

What deals have you come across for Tax Day? Share them here!


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Target Beauty Box to Feature Natural Products

Box will still cost the same as previous boxes

Target announced that their next Beauty Box will contain natural beauty items to give shoppers a taste of beauty products that are better for them and the environment. Some items you will find in the box include Schmidt's natural deoderant, Weleda Skin Food moisturizer, Love Beauty & Planet hair care products, African black soap mud mask and more. 

While items are usually smaller in nature, either reduced size or sample size, they average out to be about $1 each, which is usually a steal for the brands presented. There are seven items in this month's box and you can order it at the Target website. I received one last Mother's Day and loved it!

Do you get Target or any other beauty boxes? Which is your favorite?



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Cute Lamps And Speakers

Available today from Amazon.com

Maybe our parents' generation had the leg lamps of A Christmas Story fame, but they didn't have these adorable chickie lamps from Amazon.com. They are just $18 today and are not only rechargeable but made with eco-friendly silicone. It's after Easter but still an adorable addition to a nursery.

The site also has cool Millennium Falcon speakers available that are on sale for $41. It's amazing how many different kinds of speakers are available today and these may be my favorites!

What sales or bargains have you come across today? Share them in the chat.


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Online Easter Specials

Order out or dine in for the holiday

If you prefer dining out instead of cooking for the holidays, there are plenty of great Easter deals and restaurants that will be open for you to choose from this year. Whether you want takeout, dine-in options or even delivery, you can eat what you want this Easter.

Not every restaurant will be open, but you can bet Denny's, Waffle House, Boston Market and Shoney's will all be open. Melting Pot is running a special where you get a free mimosa with your Easter brunch, and many other local restaurants have similar offers. Many restaurants, like Cracker Barrel, will even offter heat and serve meals you can take home. Click the link for a full list.

Will you be dining out this Easter? Where are you eating? Tell us about any deals you find in the chat.

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Have you tried the $3 store?

Everyone is trying to save a buck these days, and Brandless is a new store that's helping us do it. Everything at Brandless is $3, giving you the savings of a brand-free product that's not quite the savings of, say, Aldi, but may be cheaper than many store brands.

What sets Brandless apart is that many of the cheap items are organic, natural and good for you. Not only does part of your sale go toward Feeding America, but you also get free shipping on orders over $39. The store carries a bit of everything, from personal care products to food, office supplies to health items. Supplements, honey, tree-free bath tissue...it's all there and more.

Have you ever shopped at Brandless before? What did you think of the store? Tell us how it compares to other stores in the chat.

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Print and Play Games

Gaming on a Budget

Most of us love to try new games, but they can cost so much money! Gaming cafes make it easier to try games out, but you can't always get everyone you want to play at the cafe. Plus, there's the cost of entry. Did you know that there are lots of print and play games that you can try at home before buying games? One of the most popular games of our time, Cards Against Humanity, is even available for free download!

Most Print to Play games do have variations from their full games. Some may not have all of the cards and many have smaller cards, and of course you don't have the quality printing and storage that you would get if you purchased the game. It's still an affordable way to try the games out, especially if you save on printing costs by taking turns with friends to print games and use ink refills.

Do you play any Print to Play games? Which are your favorites and where do you get them?

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Easter Deals

Share yours Here

Easter is less than a month away (and on April Fool's Day, no less, which gives you lots of chances to make it intersting this year!) and sales are already starting to run for the holiday. Between chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs and baskets, what do you need, and where will you get it?

We re-use corrugated, shredded colorful paper for our baskets each year as well as our eggs, so we don't usually have to buy much. This year our daughter is a tween and getting more things along the lines of books and stationary instead of the typical candy, but she's also wanting to hunt for eggs, just for fun.

The day after Easter sales at Target are great, but where do you get your Easter goodies for the actual holiday? Share your tips and codes in the chat.


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Great Codes to Use Today

Share your finds

Do you have any awesome coupon codes that you are saving up to use this week? Here are a couple of goodies for today!

Groupon has 20% off if you use the code SALE3. It's a great time to load up on deals for Easter or Mother's Day with this deal. 

Shopping at JoAnn's? You can get any regularly-priced item for 40% off today with the code KPAP062!

What codes are you using to shop with today? Share them in the chat.

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Target Secrets

Share your tips for shopping at Target

My aunt has always called it "TAR JAY," but to most people, Target is the place to get toilet paper and leave with $152 worth of stuff you never knew you needed... sigh. But the shoppers in the know are faring much better off since they know the secrets to shopping at the store.

For example, you might have already known that markdowns go into effect based on the day of the week, but did you know that if the price ends in .06 or 08 it's going to get marked down again? You might want to wait again for that markdown unless you're worried it will sell out!

What Target tips do you have to share? Post them in the chat below.

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Valentine's Sales

Share your best finds here

Are you already enjoying all of Valentine's sales going on everywhere? It's the day of, so some of them won't be going on until tomorrow or the day after. That's okay; save a few dollars and wait for tomorrow. It will be worth it! Every year I shop at Target the day after Valentine's Day. I limit myself to $4 or $5 and still get a bunch of stuff!

Last year I got a set of adorable coasters, a centerpiece, some glitterly decorations... all for 40 cents each! We often buy Valentines for the next year as well as crafts, mailbox kits, etc. It's one of the biggest bargains of the year and there are usually lots of things left to look through.

What bargains do you like to get for Valentine's Day sales? Share your secrets in the chat!


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