Free Pretzels Today

Get one while they're hot!

If you’re a Pretzel Boys fan, you have an exciting day ahead of you. April 26 is Free Pretzel Day at the store this year, and every customer can come and get a free pretzel from 7 AM to 7 PM. Pretzel Boys is known for their many awesome sauces and mustards, great meats wrapped in pretzels and of course their great deals on combos and special shaped pretzels.

Not a fan of Pretzel Boy’s or too far away to nab one? Auntie Anne’s is having the same deal throughout the day. You do have to download the app to get the free pretzel, and you can choose between a regular or cinnamon pretzel as your perk. The favorite pretzel stand is located in malls across the country and features not only special pretzels and nuggets but delicious lemonade as well.

Do you know of any other free pretzel deals on April 26? Post them below in the chat.

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Did you know that every time a team hits a Grand Slam, Papa Johns offers a deal where you can get a pizza at forty percent off the regular menu price? Since there was a Grand Slam last night, you can enter the code PAPASLAM when you order your pizza so you can get nearly half off your pizza order. This deal is only valid with MLB grand slams so be sure to keep that in mind for future orders.

They have another deal where you can get two medium pizzas for $6.99 with a coupon code on their website.

Do you have any other great deals to share today?


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