Pi Day Deals

March 14 is here! You know what day it is... No, not Hump Day. Pi Day! Since 3.14 is the beginning of pi, March 14 is dedicated to the neverending numerical, giving pizza lovers yet another excuse to enjoy a pie. Why not actual pie? Well, some people surely use Pi Day to enjoy a slice of pie, but it's the pizza companies that offer lots of great deals. Sure, you can celebrate actual math, too, but why do it while hungry? Here are a bunch of pizza sellers you can purchase a pie from for a deal or two. Many have BOGO offers going on as well as slices or whole pies for $3.14. If your favorite pizza isn't on the list, consider making one or calling to find out if there are any specials going on.

Will you be enjoying any pizza for Pi Day?

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Have you been meaning to try the V8 Energy Drinks but you’ve been feeling a little too skeptic to spend the money on them? While V8 has come out with many delicious fruit-flavored beverages lately, but they remain a vegetable drink, and sometimes newer products have kinks left to be worked out.

From pomegranate blueberry to orange pineapple, peach mango to blackberry cranberry, there are plenty of delicious varieties to try out, and now you can use a coupon to get them for free! This coupon is available to use at CVS, so be sure to use it soon to see if you like the drinks or not.

Have any other drink deals to share? Be sure to post them here for others to use.


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