Deal-Finding Sites

From Craigslist to Groupon, ebay to Amazon, online shopping has really changed the way we spend our money. In many ways, it's awesome: we can get good deals, free shipping, site to store pickup and plenty of other perks. On the downside, it has led to the drop of local business support and flea markets, the former being pretty important and the latter just being plain old fun.

Using Prime Pantry officially has too many products (and now they're aquiring Whole Foods?). I have a Prime Membership, but trying to navigate the site to see exactly what I can use (and not use) is confusing as can be. There's a book service (which is separate from your monthly freebie, and from the so many you can "check out" each month...), the TV service (some are paid and some aren't! Watch for those Prime symbols!) and now I'm navigating the world of Amazon Pantry. Lordy.

The Buzz at Wish

The direct-from-China shopping source known as Wish has everyone buzzing with excitement. Shirts for $3? Fidget Spinners for a buck? Amazing! The shipping's not bad, either! The thing that people aren't taking into account, however, is that you do get what you pay for, and at Wish, there have been loads of dissastisfied customers who have realized that a little too late. From clothing being Way. Too. Small.


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