All You Can Eat Pasta

If you're looking for a cozy and filling meal this winder, Noodles and Company might be the place to go. They are having a Winter Pasta Party every Wednesday from now until spring and given that this blogger's kicking carbs right now, it's a hard temptation to pass up! Not only is it a flavorful, fun experience with weekly themes and several pastas to choose from, but it's also a great deal at $10 per person for endless pasta.

Last-Minute Gifts

Have you completed all of your holiday shopping yet? If you're like many shoppers you're still looking for those perfect gifts. When I'm shopping last-minute, I usually go for a Groupon, especially if I know the person would love an experience. From wine tasting to car racing to even room smashing (yes, it's a thing!), there's always something interesting to buy. It also means the person doesn't get more "stuff" but an experience instead.

Unexpected Plus Size Deals

No matter what size you are, it can be a pain to shop for something that truly fits well. Studies have shown that sizes might as well be random as much as they vary by brand. Plus sizes can be especially hard to come by, especially if you're looking for something cute and modern. Sure, places like Lane Bryant and Torrid have plus sizes, but they are often pretty expensive.

Shopping Deals for the Week From 5 Dollar Dinners

Recently the blog 5 Dollar Dinners popped up on my radar (I believe it was through Erin Chase's book) and I am so grateful for this resource! Each week Chase shares a wide variety of recipes, sales notices and other great tips to help people save money and remove the thought work required to meal plan and shop. It's SO helpful to have recipes already mapped out to follow when you live a busy life and Chase knows that. I signed up for her blog updates in my blog reader and have used tips at least on a weekly basis since!

Deal-Finding Sites

From Craigslist to Groupon, ebay to Amazon, online shopping has really changed the way we spend our money. In many ways, it's awesome: we can get good deals, free shipping, site to store pickup and plenty of other perks. On the downside, it has led to the drop of local business support and flea markets, the former being pretty important and the latter just being plain old fun.

Using Prime Pantry officially has too many products (and now they're aquiring Whole Foods?). I have a Prime Membership, but trying to navigate the site to see exactly what I can use (and not use) is confusing as can be. There's a book service (which is separate from your monthly freebie, and from the so many you can "check out" each month...), the TV service (some are paid and some aren't! Watch for those Prime symbols!) and now I'm navigating the world of Amazon Pantry. Lordy.


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