Cool Mug Reveals Space Facts

My teen has a neat mug that reveals constellations when it gets warm. It's just a bunch of random stars until that occurs. Unfortunately it was put in the dishwasher and now it's falling apart, but it was a neat mug! I just stumbled upon this mug that reveals facts about space and thought it would be a pretty neat gift in the future, too. It has planets instead of constellations, but it's in beautiful colors with fun facts that show up when it gets hot.

New Sustainable Line From Levis

Consumers are going gaga over hemp being used in many new products, many not realizing that much of American society was built upon the industry before marijuana was criminalized in order to spread hatred and fear of Mexican people in the United States. It's great that it's gaining so much public support, but as many people have said, those incarcerated for selling it need to be freed before the rich should be able to profit off of it.

Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you are getting the special dads or father figures in your life? I'm not one to get a gift from a list of "gift ideas," because my dad and husband don't usually go for most of what they suggest. They are both work-with-their-hands guys, but they already have all of the tool ideas that most lists suggest. They'd rather get more specialized tools--carpentry, for my dad, and automotive, for my husband. They might like tackle subscriptions, but really I know they both prefer choosing their own, often live, bait when fishing, too.

DIY Guest House Kit

A house that you can assemble in 8 hours? That's exactly what Amazon is promising with this DIY guest house kit! It's not a complete "small house," but it's enough for a guest or two to spend the night in comfort. For $7,000, it's considered one of the more affordable DIY mini houses on the market, and it's supposed to be able to be set up within 8 hours, making it great for short notice guests, kids who might need to move back home for a bit or other individuals who could use this home.

Recycled Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I'm usually pretty hard on most companies since shoe manufacturers are notorious for violating labor and environmental laws, or even just pushing their boundaries. Too many companies have made their fortune on the backs of slave labor and sweatshops, not to mention wasted so many resources to do so. But if there's anything I love about the power of social media and pressure, it's that it's forcing companies to really care--or at least behave as if they do!--about the world around them.

Fortune Cookie Soap Company Restocks Wonderland Collection

We've talked about how much fun fandom-based goodies are here at eShopper Forum many times, but I just learned about a company that I'm in love with and I had to share! It's called Fortune Cookie Soap, and yes, the company sells soaps shaped like fortune cookies and I could geek out over those alone, but they also have a bunch of fandom-based personal care items, bath goodies, toilet sprays and more. The company has a Facebook group to help showcase their sales and releases, and you can even order a monthly subscription box featuring  a new scent every month.

Presents for Stress Relief

We often find ourselves shopping for the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, but what about presents for stress relief? Who do you know, after all, who isn't suffering from some sort of stress, anxiety or even depression? Our current political climate is thought to be to blame by many people for so much widespread stress, but our modern lifestyles are also to blame. Our nutrition, sleep, exercise and basic needs often are neglected, and for what? A fast-paced age of tech where every notification seems so important?

Green Legos

If you buy Legos at all, you are already aware of how pricey the sets can be. My daughter loves Legos but only gets them as gifts on big holidays and birthdays, unless she saves up for them on her own, due to their price. So the price of the new green Legos, made out of sustainable plant-sourced plastic, really isn't a shocker, and the theme of the set, which is LEGO Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine Building Kit, isn't a surprise, either.


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