Best Halloween Goodies And Deals

Last week we talked a bit about the many different cool indie sellers and their rewards programs, so I thought I'd open up a thread for us to share our favorite sources for Halloween deals and products. It's the best time of year to buy these products, after all! One that I recently ran across is Geeky Girl Candles, which has everything from Hocus Pocus to Friday the 13th themed candles, wax melts and sprays. They also have a bunch of other non-Halloween fandoms.

Use Up Those Points!

The Internet seems to be home to an endless supply of indie businesses now, and while I love it, I'm also a bit overwhelmed. It's like the number of TV show choices we have today: there are simply too many to choose from, and each one has its own unique quirks, points system and other insider knowledge. Many even have their own Facebook groups, which are almost vital to join if you do want to know how to use a company's sales, promotions and other insider info. 

August Deals

August is nearly halfway over, but even if we're finished with the tax-free sales, that doesn't mean there aren't many other sales to enjoy this month. There are back-to-school bargains to be had at just about every store, and it's the time of year to pick up paper, glue and scissors for a quarter or 50 cents, laptops for $150 and dorm gear at a discount, too.

Fun Coffee Mugs

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Most people seem to have one. I have many, and most of them were given to me! From the Girl Scouts and Library read-a-thon mugs I've earned to the ones I've been given as gifts from family members, I have a lot of beloved mugs. Most of them even have their own stories about how they were acquired or a fond memory attached to them.

Stranger Things Everywhere

I'd ask if anyone else out there is as obsessed with Stranger Things as I am, but I already know the answer to such a silly question! What's exciting, especially after such a harrowing season, is to see so much Stranger Things merch everywhere you go. There are the usual pops, apparel and such online at the regular haunts like Hot Topic, but just going to Target yesterday I saw SO much stuff, including pool inflatables, games, Funko pops, blankets and even two different types of Stranger Things ice cream!


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