No Buy List

In 2019, we have the chance to not only vote at the booth but with our dollars on a daily basis, hitting the companies whose policies and practices we disagree with hardest at the cash register. Boycotts work and policies get changed by citizen involvement, but you have to care enough to, say, skip that chicken sandwich to ensure the money you spent on it isn't funneled into, say, executing people for being gay.

Ask Supermarkets to Stop Wasting So Much Product

Please contact your local supermarkets and retail stores today, asking that they make these changes in order to create sustainable business practices

When I worked in the fast food world, I witnessed a lot—and I do mean a lot—of waste. We threw away buckets of food every day, and I know we were the most conservative about our waste when compared to many other restaurants. I can only imagine what some of the chain stores throw out on a daily basis.

But now that I have been privy to what is happening in the retail and supermarket sector when it comes to waste, I am even more shocked. Everything from tables to food, baby gear paper products to all of the sale printings is completely wasted.  Display items like car seats, toy boxes and kitchen tables can be tossed right into the compactor any—and every—given day, wasting lots of labor, product, trees, and worse. Many of these products are made from child and slave labor (which are often the same thing), thereby making our wastefulness even more despicable.

Ways to Celebrate President’s Day with Kids

If you’re looking for some ways to celebrate President’s Day with your children, here are a few ideas you might want to use this week.

Dress up as Abraham Lincoln or George Washington—the two men the holiday was created for. Have a bunch of fun making a white wig out of cotton balls and cheesecloth, or make a stove pipe hat out of construction paper.

Play White House. Put roles, such as president, vice president, and White House spokesperson all on slips of paper and draw them out randomly. Each person has to act out his or her assigned role for a time period, then switch with someone else.

Write to the President

If you don’t make it a regular habit of writing the president a letter, President’s Day is a good time to start. Make it an annual tradition to write the president a heartfelt letter each President’s Day to ensure that you are making your voice heard—at least once a year.

You can write about any and all topics you want to address. Some ideas might include…

Things You Are Happy About: Take into consideration all of the things the president has accomplished or promises that he or she kept and let it be known how important these were to you. Be specific and sincere.

Presidents' Day Plans


I love this country. It's easy for people to forget that, no matter what a President's politics are and no matter how much damage or good he does for America, he loves this nation more than anything. That's why he took the job. You don't sign on to go gray early and never live a quiet, private life again if you're even a little iffy on your feelings for the country you serve. I love the culture and I especially love the history of the United States. That's why I make Presidents' Day into such a blowout. This year, I'm going to the limit for my celebration/tribute. Here are my plans for my favorite holiday's festivities.

Urban Outfitters: 20% Off Coupon Code (Today Only)

Urban Outfitters is offering 20% off all merchandise (including sale items) today only. Just use coupon code SNOWEDIN during check out to see the discount applied.The irony of the whole thing is that many are literally "snowed in" right now and have no choice but to take advantage of this deal. I can not think of a better time when the term "captive audience" is more fitting.

Barbara: Secrets to Iconic Bush Hair

If you're like me - and let's face facts - you are, you might have been a little curious how Barbara Bush keeps those locks of hers so silky, silvery, and wonderful. I think I may have stumbled upon the secret when looking for my own hair devices and I thought it was worth sharing: she uses an attachment on her hair dryer to keep those silver strands in line! That's right folks - you just can't get that iconic "Bush" hair with a stylist alone - you need your own devices to keep hair looking terrifying to minorities and the young.
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