Best Reasons to Shop on Black Friday

As a non-Black Friday shopper, I have to ask those of you who shop that day what is the draw? What makes you venture out to shop in the chaos? I've read about some of the benefits (using a store app to map it out and find the deals, going as friends to make it more fun, and shopping in person makes it easier to see if the object is something you really want. 

Awesome App Deals

The number of free and cheap apps on your phone can be both a blessing and a curse, right? Sure, there are things that can help make your life easier, but there are also apps that just give you a billion updates, take up all of your time or both. Being choosey is key when it comes to downloading your apps.

Using Prime Pantry

Amazon.com officially has too many products (and now they're aquiring Whole Foods?). I have a Prime Membership, but trying to navigate the site to see exactly what I can use (and not use) is confusing as can be. There's a book service (which is separate from your monthly freebie, and from the so many you can "check out" each month...), the TV service (some are paid and some aren't! Watch for those Prime symbols!) and now I'm navigating the world of Amazon Pantry. Lordy.


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