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Holiday Gift Card Deals

Now that Halloween is over and it's somehow declared Christmas season before a turkey can even be pardoned, everyone is sharing all of their big holiday bargains to prepare for the main event. Some of these are laughable, like 5% specials or getting $5 gift cards for spending ten times as much, but others have decent offers that you may want to check out, especially if you're buying something already. 

Osso Good Bone Broth

Bone broth used to be so simple and cheap to make. There were butchers who readily gave away bones to people who wanted to use them to make broth or even give to pets (note: always check first because many bones, particularly chicken bones, are not safe for dogs!), but now that bone broth is such a trend with so many potential health benefits, it doesn't come as cheaply. The best way is really to just buy your meat bone-in and then make your own broth when with your bones when you de-bone if you want to save money.

Where to Eat for Thanksgiving

Whether you're working and need a quick bite, your family or friends are working or traveling and you can't meet up or you otherwise just need a place to go this Thanksgiving, there are several restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day that you can visit for a hot meal. Many other restaurants also help feed meals to those in need (I know KFC used to do this where we live) so you might want to check locally if you want to volunteer on Thanksgiving instead. 

Eating Out vs. Eating at Home

Research shows that the gap between eating out and eating at home is wider than ever. It's no wonder why eating at restaurants is down; the cost of purchasing food went down in 2016 for the first time in almost 50 years, but it was less than a 2% drop, which is why consumers likely didn't feel it much (especially since wages aren't going up). But the cost of buying food in a restaurant has risen by nearly 3%. 

Meal Deals This Week

If you're planning on dining out this week, there are some pretty good deals available. Pizza Hut is offering 50% off all online orders through the weekend, giving you a chance to eat half-price. Even if you aren't home, you can still order online to access the deal and pick your pizzas up.

Several restaurants have deals for veterans on November 11, which is Veteran's Day. Vets can enjoy specials at Applebees, TGI Fridays, Golden Corral and more. Call your favorite restaurant to find out if they have any Veteran's Day specials available.

Best Places for Halloween Candy

Halloween is less than a week away and you might be scrambling to find enough candy to tame your trick or treaters. Where do you get your Halloween candy deals? For my family, it's not complicated since we get very few trick or treaters. We end up buying a small bag or two of candy that we like and placing it on the porch while we take our daughter to her festivities. Most of it's still there when we get home and then we get to keep the rest! 

No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

Are you down to a fiver and some change in your pocket? You can still grab lunch with one of these great deals.

Fazolis is offering their $5 lunch special all day, every day for a limited time. You can get two items, a drink and unlimited breadsticks for $5 plus tax. 

Boston Market has a coupon for a $4.99 lunch now through Friday. The meal includes sides and cornbread.


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