Tree-Free Paper Products

One of my biggest goals for the year is to reduce my eco footprint, and I sure would like to use fewer trees. I had no idea there were so many tree-free products out there. My family uses recycled content as much as possible, but I just saw an ad for these Seedling paper towels, which is made from bamboo, and it has me really curious. It's a little pricey for me, but when you consider the cost against the cost of losing trees... it's hard to argue.

Recycled Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I'm usually pretty hard on most companies since shoe manufacturers are notorious for violating labor and environmental laws, or even just pushing their boundaries. Too many companies have made their fortune on the backs of slave labor and sweatshops, not to mention wasted so many resources to do so. But if there's anything I love about the power of social media and pressure, it's that it's forcing companies to really care--or at least behave as if they do!--about the world around them.

Green Legos

If you buy Legos at all, you are already aware of how pricey the sets can be. My daughter loves Legos but only gets them as gifts on big holidays and birthdays, unless she saves up for them on her own, due to their price. So the price of the new green Legos, made out of sustainable plant-sourced plastic, really isn't a shocker, and the theme of the set, which is LEGO Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine Building Kit, isn't a surprise, either.

Ask Supermarkets to Stop Wasting So Much Product

Please contact your local supermarkets and retail stores today, asking that they make these changes in order to create sustainable business practices

When I worked in the fast food world, I witnessed a lot—and I do mean a lot—of waste. We threw away buckets of food every day, and I know we were the most conservative about our waste when compared to many other restaurants. I can only imagine what some of the chain stores throw out on a daily basis.

But now that I have been privy to what is happening in the retail and supermarket sector when it comes to waste, I am even more shocked. Everything from tables to food, baby gear paper products to all of the sale printings is completely wasted.  Display items like car seats, toy boxes and kitchen tables can be tossed right into the compactor any—and every—given day, wasting lots of labor, product, trees, and worse. Many of these products are made from child and slave labor (which are often the same thing), thereby making our wastefulness even more despicable.

Go Outside!

Big "laundry list" blog posts like Wise Bread's "50 Ways To Have Free Outdoor Fun" are a great inspiration, if only because they demonstrate how many options you haven't considered.
Ever since I read a series of articles about how being outdoors in green space improves your overall picture (boosting everything from your ability to concentrate to your immune system's response) I have tried to spend time outside every day. This challenge got a lot more difficult after I quit smoking! These days when the weather is nice, I try to sit outside for my afternoon cup of coffee.
But for spending more than 10-15 minutes outside, I have to admit, I often suffer from a complete lack of imagination. Which is too bad, because aside from being good for you, as Wise Bread points out, the outdoors is free! (More or less.)


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