Recycled Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I'm usually pretty hard on most companies since shoe manufacturers are notorious for violating labor and environmental laws, or even just pushing their boundaries. Too many companies have made their fortune on the backs of slave labor and sweatshops, not to mention wasted so many resources to do so. But if there's anything I love about the power of social media and pressure, it's that it's forcing companies to really care--or at least behave as if they do!--about the world around them.

Bank of America hates poor people

How else to explain the latest series of announcements? First they began rolling out "no more free checking unless you have a lot of money" changes. In Washington, for example, they no longer offer free checking unless you keep a minimum average balance of $1,500. ($1,500!) Or have direct deposit. If you don't happen to have an extra fifteen hundy lying around at all times, and you don't have direct deposit as an option, the monthly fee will be $12.
Who has less than $1,500 average balance, or doesn't have direct deposit? Poor people. $1,500 is a huge minimum balance requirement, and $12 is a staggering amount for a basic checking account. The message from Bank of America is clear: POOR PEOPLE GTFO.

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