Book Hangover Recovery Kits

You know that terrible feeling when you finish a book series and you don't want it to be over because you loved it so much? Welcome to your book hangover! Not only did I recently discover this phrase, but I also ran across an actual box of goodies you can order to help you deal with said affliction. The makers of Fae Crate, a fun subscription box of bookish items, also sell a Book Hangover Recovery Kit.

Batman Day Deals

Do you count down the days until Batman Day each September? The holiday takes place on September 23 and many libraries, comic book stores and other locations will be hosting events, freebies and giveaways in celebration of the Bat... this year, however, Harley Quinn turns 25, so there's been a change of plans. It's Harley takeover this year! You can expect her to be a major focus at any events you attend for Batman Day.

If you visit the DC Comics website, you can enter into the Batman Day sweepstakes and find out about other cool freebies and cheap deals.

Use Bookbub to Find Free Books Daily

Are you always on the lookout for new, free ebooks? Do you worry that you're "missing out" on all of the available deals that are posted every day? Whether you don't mind spending $2 or $3 on bestsellers or you just want to hoard all of the free books on your ereader, Bookbub can help you out. The great thing about Bookbub is that it searches Amazon for you every day for free, sending you a daily list of the books that you may be interested in directly to your email.


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